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In-Person Tarot Readings:

We will agree on a time, date and place where I can come to you. For a meaningful Tarot reading, we need a quiet place away from a lot of people traffic, where I can set up crystals and use a moon water clearing spray or sage to burn. No more than two family members or friends can be present during the reading. If anyone else in the party would like a reading, then the price goes up. If a lot of travelling is involved, I will charge accordingly.

In-Person Tarot Options:

Type of Tarot readings,Tarot reading offerings,Best You Tarot readings
byt seed

Heather explained everything beautifully and gave me some great insight into myself. Heather was able to speak to the cards and translate to me, a Tarot newbie, what the cards were saying while giving me concrete thoughts for moving forward. She made gentle suggestions, many of which I have already put into action, and I’ve walked away feeling more whole than I did going into the session. Heather was kind, open, helpful, and genuinely caring. She made my first Tarot experience a beautiful one and I would not hesitate to consult her again.


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Virtual Tarot Readings:

For video Tarot readings, this process looks a little different. I will spend time meditating on your question prior to the session. I’ll send you a digital calendar invite with instructions on how to access the virtual Tarot reading. You can expect an engaging, private Tarot session. 

Virtual Tarot Options:

E-mail Readings

Even without your real-time connection or communication, I can still tap into energies that enable me to provide an impactful Tarot reading. The e-mail will break down the meaning of each card in relation to its placement. Then, I’ll wrap up the entire reading — telling the story of the cards and how they work together.

E-mail Tarot Options:

byt seed

The reading is everything I needed to hear, feeling like a warm hug at exactly the right moment. I'm feeling more secure, hopeful, and excited about the changes I'm going through! Heather was very thoughtful and thorough, going above and beyond to provide comprehensive advice and insight. 20/10 would reccomend!!


United States

Tarot Subscriptions

Interested in receiving personalized Tarot readings on a regular schedule? With Best You Tarot e-mail subscriptions, you will receive an e-mail Sunday evening so that you have some food for thought about the upcoming week. 

The payments are auto drafted from your credit card each month. To set up payment, you will need to sign a payment authorization form and a client agreement. You can cancel at any time.

Subscription Tarot Options:

Billed Monthly