True Heart Intuitive Tarot Deck Review

true heart intuitive tarot cards and guidebook

When I unboxed Rachel True’s True Heart Intuitive Tarot deck and guidebook, I was impressed with the overall presentation — an inviting box, cards on heavy stock paper, beautiful illustrations by Stephanie Singleton and a thick guidebook. 

true heart intuitive tarot deck

Social media’s algorithms have been recommending this Tarot deck for months now. I am embarrassed to admit that I held back because I doubted that I could glean wisdom from a Hollywood actress. Rachel True is best known for roles in The Craft (1996) and Half Baked (1998). She has been reading Tarot her entire life, noting the influences of Mary K. Greer, Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance and prolific Tarot writer Rachel Pollack.

As a practitioner of Tarot, I’ve been taught to keep an open mind and to not jump to conclusions. I was reminded of these lessons when I read the introduction of the True Heart guidebook. Rachel True empathizes with the growing anxiety that plagues everyday Americans. She explains that Tarot is designed to ground you and to help provide clarity on life’s journey so that you make better choices — a philosophy that I share. Her succinct card descriptions offer a fresh perspective to centuries-old esoteric wisdom. Where some guidebooks rely on drama and foreboding absolutes, True’s guidebook is empowering and hopeful — which is how Tarot should be.


The real test, however, comes with the first Tarot reading. 

I “interviewed” my True Heart Tarot deck with this spread:

  1. What are we meant to do together?
  2. What am I ready to embrace to step into this partnership?
  3. How do you offer and deliver wisdom?
  4. Which card is showing up as a deep teacher for me?

I was pleasantly surprised by the cards that I pulled and the instant connection I felt with this deck. Overall, the reading reflected the deep personal and spiritual growth that I have experienced over the past three years. 

What work are we meant to do together?

three of swords

Three of Swords. I love True’s description of moving on and renewal. This card is telling me that it can help me heal old wounds to clear space for new opportunities. When I turned 40, toxic friendships suddenly became increasingly more difficult to ignore. Sadly, I had to walk away from a couple of long-time friendships that were holding me back. As my family and I prepare to uproot our lives and move halfway across the country, I can’t help but reflect on the relationships I had to walk away from and the person I used to be.

What am I ready to embrace to step into this partnership?

the lovers major arcana

The Lovers reversed. This Major Arcana card is urging me to understand that I need to love myself to attract the right people into my life. Relationships fraught with conflict — professionally and personally — have caused me to disconnect from myself. What do I need? How can I benefit from relationships? I used to live without boundaries, never protesting when someone hurt my feelings or encroached on my personal space. As my friend Liz would say, “I let the vampires in the house.” The Lovers reversed tells me that I need to love myself enough to let go of situations and people that bring me down instead of lift me up.

How do you offer and deliver wisdom?

8 of swords

Eight of Swords. Simply put, I have the power of choice. The cards will reveal when I need to step into my own power. I can choose to stay a victim or I can leave a bad situation and make way for new growth in my life. The artwork on this card is inspiring. The traditional Rider Waite version of the 8 of Swords depicts a woman surrounded by a prison of swords, her eyes blindfolded and arms bound. She almost looks powerless. In True’s version, the woman is more in control, transcendent even, as she floats above the swords that try to imprison her. Her hair grasps the swords, which symbolize how controlling our thoughts can lead to our freedom.

Which card is showing up as a deep teacher to me?

temperance major arcana

Temperance reversed. Bring balance back into my life by releasing negative thoughts and self-sabotaging activities that prevent forward movement. We have the power to heal ourselves with self-care practices, high vibrational activities and positive thinking. 


With every reading, I also pull a card from the bottom of the deck for unseen energies. Of course, I pulled The Death card — my strong Scorpio vibes that point to intense transformation and renewal. I laughed out loud when I turned the card over. Read my bio for why


marge and tarot cards
Marge doesn’t mind posing with a couple of my favorite True Heart cards, The Fool and the 2 of Cups.

Who should buy True Heart Intuitive Tarot?

This is a great gift for someone who is dipping their toes in the pool of Tarot. Beginners will love how the guidebook walks you through every step of reading Tarot — from creating a sacred space and shuffling the cards to activating your intuition and how to use a Tarot spread. Ironically, I especially enjoyed the section on “Connecting to Your Tarot Cards Using the Actor’s Way.” True offers some clever ways to connect with this deck while learning to read with your intuition instead of memorizing a guidebook. 

Tarot readers who have been practicing for years, however, also will love how True gets personal. On each Major Arcana card description, she delivers powerful anecdotes from her career and personal life that connect with the card’s meanings. 

Should you buy True Heart Intuitive Tarot?

Yes, buy True Heart Tarot now. Here’s my affiliate link. I wish I would have purchased this deck as soon as it came out instead of succumbing to cynicism.

True Heart’s  illustrations make it easier for first-time Tarot readers to quickly intuit a reading. I am obsessed with Stephanie Singleton’s beautiful multi-cultural Tarot illustrations that feature people of color. Each card frames the scene with a cinematographer’s eye. For instance, the 5 of Swords’ Hitchcockian close-up of an eye with swords almost as a reflection in the whites of the eye evokes the card’s intensity of conflict. 

negative tarot cards from true heart

I always find it interesting how artists illustrate the “negative” cards of the Tarot deck. Singleton uses black silhouettes to symbolize the shadow self in the 9 of Swords, 5 of Cups and 8 of Swords. Instead of feeling lost, powerless or hopeless, Singleton’s art reminds me that I am in control and that negativity is often transitory, not permanent. 

I have seen a lot of Tarot deck authors present themselves as super Zen and sometimes guru-like. Rachel True comes across as honest and real. She describes her book as “my Mixed Black Jewish chick’s mystic minded Hollywood life.” Despite our different backgrounds, there’s also a sense of pragmatism and relatability that is refreshing, honest and healing. I was impressed by True’s long-time background with Tarot and how she is deeply connected with the Tarot community and its history. 

To paraphrase True Heart, Tarot cards are like friendships. I choose to surround myself with people who are teachers in life’s journey. True Heart Tarot reminds me that learning is a constant state of being. I’m happy I found such a good teacher for this leg of my journey.

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