Tarot Code of Ethics

My Promise to You

How I View Tarot

I am an intuitive Tarot reader — picking up energies and emotions to interpret a Tarot spread with insights that align with your Highest Good. I see Tarot as a tool for healing and empowerment that works that intuitive muscle by developing your perceptions, self-awareness, self-esteem and self-love.

I believe in free will. Therefore, Tarot readings are never set in stone. Tarot reflects:

Tarot Code of Ethics
Tarot Code of Ethics

My Role as Your Tarot Advisor

As a trusted Tarot advisor, I provide a judgment free zone where you can dive deep into matters that concern you. I do not discriminate against gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion or age.
Oftentimes, people seek out Tarot readers when they are at their most vulnerable. Tarot readers have an awesome responsibility to create a safe, inviting and warm place to strengthen their bond with the universe and help heal old wounds. I promise to be kind and compassionate throughout the process.

I believe that Tarot readers should always tell the truth. Tarot should be healing and empowering. I value honesty, compassion, transparency, patience and education. Tarot has a way of uncovering blockages in our lives, and it’s important that I am honest with you — even if the reading delivers unwelcoming news.

If you are looking for concrete answers regarding health, financial or therapeutic matters, then Best You Tarot is not for you. Consider Tarot the first step to a greater understanding about your inquiry. I am not a psychic or a medium. I use intuition, experience and training with Tarot to help uncover obstacles in your path, find new opportunities, learn how to cope with a challenging situation or discover a new way of looking at your situation.

I am committed to confidentiality and privacy. Clients entrust Tarot Advisors with intimate details of their lives. I promise to keep your reading confidential. This extends to online privacy as well.

My Professional Boundaries

While Tarot has an amazing way of uncovering synchronicities in our lives, don’t expect the winning lottery numbers, the phone number for your future soulmate or even what might happen tomorrow. I am not a psychic or a medium, so I cannot predict the future. 

Topics I Cover

Topics I Do Not Cover

If you have a “yes/no” question …

Together we will rephrase the question to offer a more meaningful and empowering reading. Yes/No questions assume that your fate is sealed and you don’t have control over your life. How can you feel empowered if you’re letting others make your decisions? That’s why it’s important that you always keep in mind that you have the power to change your life.

For children under 18 …

Parental or guardian consent is required.

If you need legal, financial, healthcare or therapeutic advice …

Please seek a professional. These are questions for which I cannot provide expert guidance. In these situations, we will work together to ask meaningful and empowering questions.

Tarot Code of Ethics